An on demand delivery platform - the simple way

JustBring is not an idea that popped out just because some random guys could not move a chair or a table, two blocks away. It is an innovative, fast and easy solution to a well established problem, currently solved traditionally by giants like UPS and DHL or smaller courier companies.

The problems of the traditional services, provided by established companies, are the tremendous costs, the strict and often, complicated packaging requirements, along with the unacceptable waiting for hours - that could might as well last for a whole day. On the other hand, smaller courier companies are unable to reach a high score in quality and reliability. The result of both, could be either a very expensive or an unreliable service.

The whole setup of JustBring started in Copenhagen in November of 2015 and the service went live in March of 2017, in cooperation with the best car rental company in Denmark, Lej et Lig Biludlejning. Together with our awesome partners, we aim to take the shared economy in Denmark one step further.

Private owners that work with us, use their extra space of their vehicle to help people like you move stuff around, all over Denmark, making money along the way. JustBring's customers enjoy safety, live tracking and delivery confirmation for shipments with no cash involved. All of us in JustBring – the back office team and all the transporters - respect the Danish rules and regulations, we have a clean criminal record and all cargo is insured.

Our vision

Our goal and ambitious vision is to allow everyone in Denmark to send anything, anywhere in Denmark, at any time. After some long, serious research and attentive development, we created JustBring, the most innovative on-demand delivery platform in Denmark.