Are you troubled with a delivery? Send it now and experience a cashless transaction. Get live tracking and delivery confirmation - with no packaging restrictions.



Choose a time window that fits in your schedule.


We are open 24/7 no exceptions. Hard to believe? Give it a try now!


We can move almost anything inside Copenhagen, Aarhus, Vejle and Odense - starting at just 200 DKK.


We pick up anywhere you need it - with no packaging requirements.

You only pay after the delivery is received

You set the price. You always pay what you can afford. Always after the service.
Do you want your delivery order to stand out among others? Increase wisely the maximum cost and attract a faster driver’s attention.

How it works

Create an auction for your order

Send anything within a few clicks. It has never been easier to move stuff. Not in Denmark.

Track your shipment

We say no to delivery hostages. Use live tracking, enjoy life and do something useful while waiting. Only contact your transporter if necessary.

JustBring delivers

You pay and rate the transporter for the service provided. The service fee will be paid using your credit card and you will receive a receipt by email.

Courier service when you need it

Was your supplier late? Did you mess up an order? We are here to help you. Send anything, anytime, use JustBring. We operate 24/7, no exceptions. Special prices for mass and massive shipments.


“It is amazing that when I messed up with my deadlines I know that I have a few more hours thanks to JustBring. It just works and it is really cheap. Kudos!”

“First of all hands off to you guys for your effort and nice, super service. Good work JustBring team. We are expecting to keep up with your timely fashioned service. Great effort and super user experience with delivery tracking.”

“At first, i did not expect them to deliver what they promise but since they were so cheap over the alternatives I thought I would give it a go. I was surprised of the service I got for what I paid. Keep it up and best regards.”

No more delivery captivity

The courier service you always needed.
Track the transporter and inform the recipient about the exact time of the delivery.

Your stuff is safe

What makes the JustBring experience truly great are the people behind the wheel. They are mothers and fathers. Students and teachers. Neighbors. Friends. The transporters drive their own vehicle, on their own schedule - all over Denmark.



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